I welcome and encourage each and every one of us to engage in the wonderful work of therapy! And yes, that includes me (limitless thanks to my spiritual & emotional healer, Judy)

A few things you might want to know about me and the work I do:

  • I wholeheartedly believe your story is sacred and I will take my shoes off, so to speak, as we walk through the stories of your past.

  • I love working with couples and see it as a true privilege to be able to be part of such an intimate and vulnerable connection.

  • We’re in this together, as equals. I do not take an authoritative, all-knowing, stance. In fact, I believe that you, and only you, are all-knowing when it comes to you and your needs. Sometimes the work is really about reconnecting to that instinctual part of yourself that intuitively knows how to nurture and support.

  • I use the here-and-now as an anchor for us to explore how unresolved issues of the past may be showing up for you today. You’d be surprised how much that inner voice that you think is yours is actually your [insert important figure here].

  • I have a psychodynamic approach to therapy, in that I aim to help my clients unravel, experience, and understand their true, deep-rooted, and sometimes unconscious feelings in order to resolve them.

Here are some areas I have experience and training in:


Personal Growth






Depression &


AngkorThomTemple, Cambodia.jpeg

Family History/Cultural Identity


Relationships & Couples


Work/Life Balance




Life Transitions